Who We Are ?

The Archdiocese of Karachi was separated from the Archdiocese of Bombay, it was erected into a diocese on the 28th May 1948, and two years later it was raised to the status of an Archdiocese. The Catholic Board of Education (CBE) established on 11th July 1961, is a legal body that manages educational institutions belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi. Its purpose is to define a common policy, frame rules & regulations for the staff, employees and school management, coordinate holidays, syllabi and textbooks. The CBE also serves as a co-ordination office of information and advice. There are 58 institutions affiliated with the CBE, 19 English Medium Schools, 2 Nurseries, 36 Urdu Medium Schools and 2 Colleges. Among the English Medium Schools there are.......



Our Vision

To prepare the young people of Karachi with the knowledge, skills and values for life, work and responsible citizenship inspired by Catholic ethos.

Our Mission

The mission of the Catholic Board of Education Karachi, is to provide quality education to all irrespective of creed, caste ethnicity, gender and class. To promote holistic education: intellectual, social, spiritual and physical in a safe, nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment ,underpinned by Christian values while teaching respect for other religions.