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The Archdiocese of Karachi was separated from the Archdiocese of Bombay, it was erected into a diocese on the 28th May 1948, and two years later it was raised to the status of an Archdiocese. The Catholic Board of Education (CBE) established on 11th July 1961, is a legal body that manages educational institutions belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi. Its purpose is to define a common policy, frame rules & regulations for the staff, employees and school management, coordinate holidays, syllabi and textbooks. The CBE also serves as a co-ordination office of information and advice. Currently, 60 institutions are affiliated with the CBE-K, 27 Developed and 33 Developing Institutions. These includes 02 Pre-Primary, 05 Primary, 4 Elementary, 40 Secondary, 03 Cambridge, 04 Colleges and 02 Technical Institutions........



The Pakistani Church is "a small but not silent Church; that does not have many resources and therefore must make choices. But one thing is certain: it must focus on the education of young people "

We are living in a fast-changing world. The pace of change is indeed so fast that almost everything seems to be in transformation mode. Since education cannot exist in isolation, the system needs to take cognizance of these developments.
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Mr. Denzil D'Souza

As the Executive Secretary of Catholic Board of Education, Archdiocese of Karachi, it gives me great pleasure to present the Annual Report for 2023. The past year has been busy and it was wonderful to all the CBE,K staff and students take part in so many of our events, including retreats, committee meetings, programmes, trainings etc. During the year 2023 more than 40 Principals, Deputies and Heads across the Board have provided input into the development of our CBE,K intuitions. Continuous professional development and embracing new technological were emphasized.....Read More




Archbishop Benny Mario Travas
Fr Edward Joseph
Fr Mario Rodrigues
Mervyn Lobo MALC
Ken Marshall
Melaine Dcruz
Ivan Johns
Sister Julie Pachecho St.Joseph Convent
Sherwin Rodrigues NDIE
Javed Iqbal St Monica School
Lenny Dias St Pauls English High School
Fr Ryan Joseph

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Continuous Professional Development

Our Inservices and Continuous Professional Development team remains busy round the clock to excellence their job and provide our staff with the best content, researches and knowledge throughout the year by conducting face to face as well as online sessions, training, workshop and activities.

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The Catholic Board of Education Karachi do also host events and activities related to education, entertainments, employee diversions and religious celebrations on centralized basis across the entire board for the staff & students of both developed & developing institutions, to achieve the aim of same standards for all the students. Click the link below to explore more information about events and activities of our gallery.

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The Catholic Board of Education Karachi always aims to create a global learning enviorment across the board, to provide the same standards to each and every factor irrespective of creed, caste ethnicity, gender and class and develop the intellectually stimulating environment, underpinned by our vision. To accomplish and achieve the following aim our CBEK collaborators are always busy in providing us with their thoroughly acquainted knowledgeable content, for publication in our blogs.

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The mission of the Catholic Board of Education Karachi is to provide quality education to all irrespective of creed, caste ethnicity, gender and class. To promote holistic education: intellectual, social, spiritual and physical in a safe, nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment, underpinned by Christian values while teaching respect for other religions.

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