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Catholic Board of Education Karachi hosts events and activities related to education, entertainments, employee diversions and religious celebrations on centralized basis across the entire board for the staff & students of both developed & developing institutions, to achieve the aim of same standards for all the students. We have a huge collection of inservices also hosted and done with staff and students listed seprately over here, follow the link to explore it.



Monday | April 03, 2023
📸 Pesach - The Passover Celebration by Catholic Board of Education Karachi in Collaboration with St. Patrick's High School We are delighted to share with you some wonderful moments from the Pesach - The Passover celebration held on 3rd April 2023, organized by the Catholic Board of Education Karachi in collaboration with St. Patrick's High School. The event was a resounding success, attended by esteemed principals, heads, administrators from the Catholic Board of Education Karachi, and dedicated staff members from St. Patrick's High School. 🌟 The event showcased the rich traditions and cultural significance of Pesach, also known as Passover, which is an important observance in the Jewish faith. The Catholic Board of Education Karachi and St. Patrick's High School took the opportunity to foster interfaith understanding and promote diversity by hosting this event. 🎉 The celebrations kicked off with a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and participants. The venue was beautifully decorated with symbolic Passover elements, creating an atmosphere of joy and reverence. The attendees were greeted with traditional blessings and wishes for a blessed Pesach. 🌾 A highlight of the event was the Seder meal, where participants enjoyed a sumptuous feast prepared in accordance with Passover dietary laws. The traditional unleavened bread, known as matzah, was prominently featured. This symbolic bread, baked without yeast, represents the haste in which the Israelites left Egypt during their Exodus. 🎶 The evening was filled with melodious songs and soulful hymns, performed by talented students and staff members. The harmonious voices and heartfelt renditions added a touch of spirituality to the celebration, reminding everyone of the significance of this sacred occasion. 🙏 Special addresses were delivered by esteemed members of the Catholic Board of Education Karachi, emphasizing the importance of fostering unity and respect among different religious communities. They commended St. Patrick's High School for its commitment to promoting interfaith harmony and organizing such meaningful events. 💫 The event served as a platform for dialogue and understanding, allowing attendees to learn more about the customs and traditions of Pesach. It was a unique opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together, fostering a sense of inclusivity and mutual respect. 🌸 Let us cherish the spirit of unity and celebration, as we continue to foster interfaith dialogue and cultural harmony within our community. May this Pesach bring blessings and joy to all. #Pesach #Passover #InterfaithHarmony #CatholicBoardOfEducationKarachi #StPatricksHighSchool #UnityInDiversity

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